Pennsylvania Division Natural Gas Restructuring Filing

Pennsylvania Division Natural Gas Restructuring Filing

National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation – Pennsylvania Division Natural Gas Restructuring Filing

Exhibit No. 1: Direct Testimony

Statement No. 1: Testimony of E. Meinl
Statement No. 2: Testimony of B. Heine
Statement No. 3: Testimony of M. Novak
Statement No. 4: Testimony of J. Gruchala

Exhibit No. 2: Filing Requirement

Schedule A
Restructuring of Services
Schedule A2 pages 1 & 2 Attachment
Schedule A2 pages 3 & 4 Attachment
Schedule A3, A5 Attachment (Excel File)

Schedule B
Customer Choice
Schedule B pages 4 & 6

Schedule C
System Operations, Reliability Standards and Capacity Management
Schedule C2d Attachment

Schedule D
Natural Gas Suppliers
Schedule D2 Attachment
Schedule D3 Attachment

Schedule E
Marketing Standards

Schedule F
Universal Service and Energy Conservation Programs

Schedule G
Obligation to Employees

Schedule H
Collaborative Process

Schedule I
Consumer Education Program

Schedule J
Recovery of Deferred Costs

Schedule K
Proposed Schedule for Implementation


Exhibit No. 3: System-wide Energy Select Program Filing, Docket R-00984531



Exhibit No. 4:

Tariff, Effective September 29, 1999


Exhibit No. 5:

Sample Tariff

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