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Convert to Natural Gas

Convert to Natural Gas

Natural gas is the safe, economical, efficient, clean and reliable fuel. Not only is it more affordable than other home heating sources, it’s also better for the environment because it has less carbon dioxide emissions.

Learn more about what makes natural gas the natural—and efficient—choice in this video.

The Benefits of Natural Gas

It Produces Less Pollution and Greenhouse Gases

Compared to its energy counterparts—30% less than fuel oil and 15% less than propane—with virtually no solid waste.

It Provides Savings [up to $2,000 Annually]

Compared to homeowners who use alternative fuels for heating such as propane, heating oil or electricity.

It’s Affordable

Natural gas has been less expensive than propane, fuel oil and electricity since 2010. It’s projected to stay that way for at least 20 more years.

It’s Efficient [92% Efficiency]

Natural gas is nearly three times more efficient than electricity when the entire cycle of producing, processing and transporting energy is considered.

It’s Abundant

Nearly 100% of the U.S. natural gas supply comes from North America. This plentiful supply will continue to grow and meet our energy needs for many years to come.

It’s Flexible

It’s a fuel for both residential and industrial use. It generates power for peak demand use. It fuels cars, semi-trucks and boats.

It’s Reliable

Natural gas appliances can operate during power outages, so you can still stay warm, have hot water and eat well.

It Adds Value

Natural gas adds immediate and lasting value to your home each time a new natural gas appliance is installed.

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