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Natural Gas Equipment

Natural Gas Equipment

A wide range of natural gas equipment is available to meet the needs of commercial and industrial businesses.

Technical assistance

For more information or assistance with your natural gas equipment, contact the Energy Services Department.


Available equipment

Space heating—Central steam boiler plants can be converted to gas direct-fired make-up air heaters. Gas-fired furnaces, unit heaters, make-up air heaters and infrared heaters can replace existing electric/oil/propane heating equipment.

Water heating—Gas water heaters (tank, direct contact, booster and tankless) can replace existing electric, oil or propane equipment and process hot water.

Process heating—Gas-fired furnaces, ovens, dryers, etc., can replace existing electric or oil process heating equipment.

Compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles

  • CNG vehicles are fueled by compressed natural gas.
  • CNG vehicles’ lifecycle GHG emissions reductions are 12%–15% less than comparable diesel-powered vehicles.
  • There are 11 active CNG stations in our NY service territory with seven offering public fueling access.

Process cooling/space cooling

  • Engine-driven systems are cooling systems in which a natural gas–fueled reciprocating internal-combustion engine replaces the traditional electric motor as the energy source. Engine-driven cooling offers a lower operating cost, supplemental heat source and release of electrical capacity for other applications.
  • Absorption cooling systems allow a refrigerant to evaporate due to its physical property of having an affinity for an absorbent. During this evaporation process, heat is also absorbed, thereby creating a cooling effect. Once the absorbent becomes saturated with refrigerant and can absorb no more, the solution needs to be separated or regenerated so that it may be used again. There are no ozone-damaging refrigerants, as only water is required with this safer and quieter technology. Absorption cooling has a lower operating cost with higher reliability and lower maintenance.

Combined heat and power (CHP)

  • CHP is a technology that simultaneously produces electricity and useful waste heat from natural gas. It offers advantages to commercial and industrial energy users where energy costs and reliability are concerned.
  • CHP reduces emissions of GHG and other air pollutants because less fuel is burned to produce each unit of energy output.
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