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Moving with National Fuel

Moving with National Fuel

Moving involves a bit more than packing up your physical belongings. With some advance planning, these steps can help make transferring your natural gas account a smooth process:

If you are moving into a new home or apartment within National Fuel’s service territory, call us at least 7 to 10 days before your move to ensure service is transferred. 

If your new home already has natural gas, it shouldn’t take long to begin your new service. 

Local: 8148718200
Toll-free: 1-800365-3234 

Have your National Fuel account number, new address and move-in day available. 

A technician will need to get a meter reading from both your old and new residences. 

Need Natural Gas Pipeline Installed?

If you are requesting service at a location without a natural gas houseline, a National Fuel field representative will visit the address to determine the location of our gas line and meter. He or she will take measurements for calculating the cost, if any, for pipeline installation.

  • A security deposit may be required if you are a short-term or seasonal customer.
  • Applications involving an extension to our main line may take longer to process because of rights-of-way and municipal approvals needed. If there are any costs associated with the new installations, payment is required before service can be installed.
Request a New Service Line

Discontinuing Service

Call us at least one week before your desired service discontinuation date. We must obtain a meter reading in order to issue a final bill. You may be responsible for the gas used until we obtain a final meter reading.


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