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Gas Service Line Installation

Gas Service Line Installation

When it comes to your business, you want to use the best materials and products available. When you add natural gas to your property, you’re adding the safe, economical, efficient, clean and reliable selection for your heating needs. It’s more affordable than other heating options and it’s better for the environment. But before a gas service line can be installed, the following guidelines must be met:

  • The foundation must be completed, and the selected meter site must be marked, backfilled to final grade and free of obstructions such as building materials, dirt piles and scaffolding.
  • The building must be piped before requesting a service line.
  • For existing buildings, the piping must be installed and/or proof of purchase of natural gas heating equipment must be provided.
  • All necessary permits must be obtained from the proper authorities prior to installation of a service line.

Typically, meters will be installed outside the property, opposite the driveway. However, we may install the meter in another location that we determine to be reasonably accessible, convenient and safe.

Get Started

Completing the service installation process involves three simple steps:

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Step 1

If you’ve met the requirements above and are ready to get started, you can, at no obligation, complete the online application to initiate the process. Once submitted, installation will be scheduled with our construction crews and completed based on current backlogs.

Online Application
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Step 2

In some cases, customers are required to pay for service line installation. Once your application is submitted, a representative will complete a field investigation to determine if payment will be required.

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Step 3

After you have applied, paid for your service line (if required), and met all required steps, contact the New Services Department for scheduling purposes:

225 Wayne St.
Erie, PA 16507

Local: 814-871-8301

Toll-free: 1-800-533-6823

Fax: 814-871-8312

Excess Flow Valve

Where conditions permit their use, National Fuel can install an Excess Flow Valve (EFV) on your natural gas service line (the underground line that runs from the main line to the meter).

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