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Calculate Your Savings

Calculate Your Savings

Whether you use propane, oil or electric to fuel your home, converting to natural gas can provide significant savings. See how much you may be leaving on the table with our conversion calculator.

National Fuel Conversion Calculator

Step 1 of 4: Current Heating Source

Select your current heating fuel source:

Step 2 of 4: Your Home’s Information

Do you use natural gas for non-heating purposes (e.g. cooking, clothes drying, etc.)?

Approximately how many feet is your house from the center of the road?


This will help us estimate the cost of your service line. Additional information and actual footage will be provided after submitting an application.

Step 3 of 4: Your Equipment Costs

Please estimate your natural gas equipment and installation costs (e.g. furnace, boiler, hot water tank, etc.).


Contact a licensed heating or plumbing contractor in your area to help determine the estimated cost to convert to natural gas equipment.

As a rule of thumb:
Furnace/Boiler only: $3,500
Tankless Water Heater only: $1,500
Storage Tank Water Heater only: $1,000

Step 4 of 4: Current Fuel Usage

Number of gallons of propane used in the last 12 months


Call your fuel provider or check your bill.

Average price per gallon of propane


Not sure? Check your electric bill or use $0.18 as an estimate.

Not sure? Click here for current prices.

Your Conversion Payback Calculation

National Fuel Infrastructure Cost


Total Natural Gas Equipment Costs


Net Costs


Estimated Annual Cost of Current Fuel


Estimated Annual Cost of Natural Gas


Estimated Annual Savings



per year


per month

Estimated savings using natural gas



Payback period when switching to natural gas

Ready to switch?

If you need to apply for natural gas service, please fill out a residential natural gas application.
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Disclaimer: For example only. Actual investment and savings may be higher or lower depending on the equipment you choose to install, the efficiency of the equipment you are replacing, fluctuating fuel costs and your actual installed cost. Based on average gas costs of $9.83 per Mcf for the 12 months ending September 30, 2018.

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