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Payment Plan Options

Payment Plan Options

Choose the payment plan option that best fits your lifestyle.

AutoPay Payment Plan

Never forget to pay your bill again. Our AutoPay plan automatically deducts your monthly gas bill payment from your checking or savings account on the bill due date. Your gas bill is paid on time and without having to worry about writing a check, buying a stamp or mailing a payment.

You will still receive your monthly billing statement 20 to 23 days before the late payment date.

The AutoPay plan is especially compatible with our budget plan. By participating in both programs, you can be prepared for your monthly deductions.

Set Up Your Automatic Monthly Gas Payment

Budget Plan

Our budget plan lets you plan ahead with a stabilized monthly bill for up to one year. The plan divides your estimated annual bill into 12 payments.

We also offer a 10-month budget plan covering September through June.

We may adjust your budget plan amount periodically to ensure that it remains accurate.

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Estimated Bills

If you’d like to read your own meter, we’ll send you a schedule that’s clearly marked with the scheduled meter reading dates for your account. You then can call and report your monthly meter reading on those dates.

Please note: The meter reading you provide will be labeled “estimated” on your bill. If your meter was read on your scheduled date, the reading displayed will be the same as the reading you provided. If it was not read on the scheduled date, your reading will be used as the basis to calculate your consumption.

Deferred Payment Agreement

If you are unable to make your payment, please call us as soon as possible.

You may be asked to provide income and expense information. Based on that, we may be able to arrange a deferred payment agreement.

If your financial situation changes, we may change your payment plan.

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