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Non-Pipe Alternatives

Non-Pipe Alternatives

Ensuring Safe, Reliable and Affordable Energy Choices for Customers

The objective of National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation’s (“National Fuel” or “Company”) Non-Pipe Alternatives (“NPA”) program is to consider and implement affordable alternative energy solutions for customers that may defer or avoid investments in certain traditional natural gas capital projects necessary to address natural gas system reliability and safety concerns. We are committed to collaborating with interested parties to identify, evaluate and implement solution alternatives that meet the Company’s objectives, and comply with regulatory directives and state environmental policy.

As the Company embarks on this new NPA endeavor, it is interested to gain experience from working cooperatively with other utilities and stakeholders. Innovative NPA solution proposals may include, but are not limited to, gas energy efficiency improvements, gas demand response programs, electrification (which may include a variety of heat pump technologies as well as other solutions), thermal energy networks, or the introduction of alternative natural gas equivalent energy supplies such as renewable natural gas.


National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation will identify and offer potential gas infrastructure projects that qualify for NPA review by interested qualified parties.  Parties will be invited to submit their NPA proposals to the Company which are cost effective for customers, provide customers with alternative solutions achieving equivalent levels of reliability and safety to the traditional natural gas system, and reflect full cost recovery and earnings opportunities for National Fuel.

Project Selection and Process

As technologies, regulatory requirements and state environmental policies evolve, we will consider and evaluate natural gas system safety and reliability needs and the traditional natural gas capital projects for opportunities to defer or avoid spending on those projects through NPA solutions. NPA resources needed for large scale projects (i.e., those projects which are projected to cost more than $2M) will be procured through a competitive solicitation process and evaluated using an accepted benefit cost analysis framework which utilizes a Societal Cost Test. Small scale projects, (i.e. those that are $2M or less) may be procured using a streamlined procurement and benefit cost analysis process in order to shorten the project timeline.  As projects are identified and disclosed, we will provide, as appropriate, maps showing the location of the potential NPAs and data that will enable developers to pursue demand-side solutions, such as peak hourly gas reduction requirements and pressure-related information.

Current Non-Pipe Alternative Solicitation Opportunities

Currently no NPA solicitation opportunities are available.

Non-Pipe Alternative Projects

Stay tuned for upcoming NPA projects.

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