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Affordable Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program

Affordable Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program

Program Overview

Driving lower costs and lower carbon emissions for affordable multifamily buildings

Incentives now available for eligible projects

The New York State Affordable Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program is a combined effort of the Joint Utilities of New York and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). By offering incentives for the installation of energy efficient equipment and technology, we can reduce overall energy use and maintenance costs, while increasing operating efficiencies and improving tenant comfort. Efficient buildings also release fewer carbon emissions, providing a big boost as we work toward New York State’s ambitious climate goals.

The Joint Utilities of New York is a coalition of utilities operating across the state that includes Central Hudson, Con Edison, National Grid, National Fuel Gas, NYSEG/RG&E, and Orange & Rockland.

Determining Project Eligibility

Participation in the program is limited to affordable multifamily buildings with five or more residential units. Affordable multifamily housing is defined as buildings that have regulatory agreements with a housing agency or in which at least 25% of the units are, or are expected to be, occupied by households earning not more than 80% of Area Median Income or State Median Income, whichever is greater.

Supporting documentation, such as regulatory agreements or mortgages from housing agencies, must be provided. View the full list of accepted documentation below.

There are two types of pathways, the Comprehensive Pathway and the Non-Comprehensive Pathway, with differing incentive structures.

For detailed information, refer to the Program Manual.

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Accepted Supporting Documentation

Please provide at least one piece of supportive documentation to confirm your eligibility.
Eligibility ProxyDetailsDocumentation Required
US HUD, USDA-RD and other Federally Regulated Affordable HousingProperties receiving one of the following subsidies from HUD:
- Section 8 Contract
- Sections 202, 236, 811
- Public Housing Authorities
Copy of the HUD contract or contract award notice
DHCR-Regulated Affordable HousingBuildings with subsidized mortgages or contracts that place them under the regulatory control of the NYSDHCRCopy of NYSDHCR contract or contract award notice
Low Income Housing Tax CreditsProperties that receive tax credits for at least 50% of its unitsCopy of tax credit award notice from NYSDHCR or NYCHPD
NYCHPD-Regulated Affordable Housing (or other local housing agency)Properties with loans, mortgages, or deeds of purchase (HDFC incorporation) from NYCHPD or other local housing agenciesDocumentation of current mortgage, loan closing, HDFC incorporation or deed
SONYMA mortgage insuranceProperties subsidized for low- to moderate- income multifamily resident with SONYMA subsidized financing through the HFACopy of loan closing/mortgage insurance award documents
Weatherization Assistance ProgramProperties that have fulfilled the eligibility requirements for the Weatherization Assistance ProgramCopy of the letter from the Weatherization Agency confirming the project's income eligibility
HFA 80/20 ProgramProperties that have been accepted into the Housing Finance Agency's 80/20 ProgramCopy of the award letter of HFA contract documents
NYCHDC 80/20 or Mixed Income ProgramProperties that have been accepted into the NYC Housing Development Corporation's 80/20 Program or Mixed Income ProgramCopy of the award letter of HDC contract documents

Rent Roll

This applies to affordable housing projects that do not meet the proxy requirements. This method is only available to properties that have a rent roll. Applicants must submit the annual rent, size, and occupancy for each apartment in the property. At least 25% of the units must have a calculated household income no more than 80% of the Area or State Median Income; based on the assumption that 30% of household income is applied to housing costs (i.e., rent). A spreadsheet tool is available for determining Rent Roll income eligibility upon request.

Program Information

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