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Natural gas vehicle fueling stations

Natural gas vehicle fueling stations

The number of public natural gas vehicle (NGV) fueling stations is growing every year, providing an ever-expanding source of fueling options.

Time-fill stations

Compressed natural gas (CNG) is dispensed slowly from a compressor to the vehicle’s onboard storage tank. This type of fueling station is best for fleets that return to a central location and sit idle overnight or for extended periods. Typical fueling time is 6-8 hours.

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Fast-fill stations

These stations are similar to a typical gas station. The vehicle receives natural gas directly from a storage system. This type of station is for public-access refueling and is also ideal for larger fleets where fueling turnaround time is short.

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Case studies

The Erie Metro Transportation Authority (EMTA), through a partnership with Trillium CNG, opened a fully operational fast-fill CNG station in 2020 that is open to the public located at the corner of 14th and French Streets in Downtown Erie, PA.

In addition to more than 30 CNG buses operating in the EMTA fleet, Crawford Area Transit Authority (CATA) also has 3 CNG buses in their fleet. CNG helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lowers fuel costs for these agencies.

In December 2018, IGS CNG Services opened a public CNG fueling station in Fairview, PA at 64111 Howard Drive. The fast-fill station was designed by IGS from the ground up, and serves a variety of vehicles, including class 8 trucks.

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