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The Energy-Efficiency Rebate Program

The Energy-Efficiency Rebate Program

When It Comes to Saving Money and Energy, We Mean Business.

Supplying Contractors with the Information You Need

Thank you for your interest in National Fuel’s Conservation Incentive Program. This program makes rebates available to National Fuel’s residential and non-residential customers when they install select energy-efficient natural gas equipment.  New builds are also eligible for rebates.

This program will make assisting your non-residential and residential customers easier. From installing more energy-efficient equipment to improving energy use and saving money, the Conservation Incentive Program can help you do more for your customers.

Find out more about the non-residential rebate program.

Find out more about the residential rebate program.

Two Ways to Save for Non-Residential Customers

Rebates are available for non-residential customers installing select energy-efficient natural gas equipment. Customers can choose from one of two rebate options:

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Fixed (Pre-Qualified) Rebate

Available on pre-qualified equipment.

Pre-Qualified Application
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Customized (Performance-Based) Rebate

Determined on a case-by-case basis, based on the results of an energy-use analysis. Customized rebates are determined by multiplying the annual energy savings in Mcf by $15. This may result in a larger rebate than if your company received a fixed rebate.

Performance-Based Rebate
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Free Technical Assistance

As a courtesy to you, C.J. Brown Energy will provide free technical assistance with the application process, as well as facility walk-through and return on investment calculations. Contact C.J. Brown Energy at 1-844-365-3493 or email

Request Application Pads and Brochures

If you would like a supply of promotional materials such as brochures or application pads for the Conservation Incentive Program for your contracting business, please fill out the form below.

If you have additional questions about the rebates that are available to you and your customers as part of the Conservation Incentive Program, please contact the Energy Services Department at

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