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Energy-Efficiency Program Rebates

Energy-Efficiency Program Rebates

Customers in National Fuel’s Western New York service area can receive a number of money-saving rebates by installing new, energy-efficient natural gas appliances.


Residential Rebate Application

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Application Deadline

Applications for program year 2024 must be submitted by March 31, 2025, to receive a rebate. Applications for program year 2023 must be submitted by March 31, 2024. Please fill out the form that corresponds with the date of your appliance installation, and be prepared to submit the required documentation for a rebate, including:

  • Paid invoice or receipt(s) indicating the retailer/contractor name, business address, phone and one of the following: Federal ID (tax) number, Certificate of Insurance or Business Certificate.
  • Manufacturer and complete model number of the equipment installed.
  • Efficiency rating for natural gas appliance installed. (AFUE for natural gas furnace or boiler, UEF for natural gas water heaters, SEER and AHRI number for air source heat pump if applying for enhanced furnace rebate.)
  • Product installation date.

Please note: The program is only open to Western New York customers in National Fuel’s service territory. All appliances, including Wi-Fi thermostats, must be installed by a contractor. The only exception to this is an Energy Star®-labeled gas clothes dryer installation.

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