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Your Meter

Your Meter

National Fuel owns, maintains and uses gas meters to measure how much natural gas you use. Timely meter reading ensures you get an accurate bill.

Outside meters will be read by a National Fuel representative on or about the scheduled date noted on your bill. Please make sure the path to the meter is unobstructed.

If the meter is inside, a National Fuel representative will visit your property on or about the scheduled date noted on your bill. For your safety, confirm that he or she has proper identification before letting them inside. It usually takes only a minute or two to get the reading. In addition to readings, National Fuel is required to perform periodic leakage survey and atmospheric corrosion inspections on the meter and associated piping located inside your property. When access is not provided for this purpose, National Fuel is required to notify the customer that gas service may be shut off until this safety inspection is permitted to take place.

Request a Meter Reading Schedule

A meter reading schedule will allow you to call and report your accurate monthly meter reading into our system. Please call us to request a schedule:



Meter Safety

  • In the winter, please keep the area around the meter free of snow and ice and try to have a clear path to the meter for easy access.
  • Remember to use caution when shoveling, plowing or snow blowing around the meter. Be careful when removing icicles from the meter and any area of your roof above the meter.
  • Call us if the meter becomes encased in ice. DO NOT try to melt or break the ice yourself.
  • If your meter has become submerged due to flooding, please contact us immediately.
  • Keep shrubbery away from the meter for easier access and do not lean tools against the meter. Do not let children play or climb on the meter.
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