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Get Your Energy-Efficiency Program Rebates

Get Your Energy-Efficiency Program Rebates

Non-residential customers in National Fuel’s Western New York service area can receive a number of money-saving rebates by installing new, energy-efficient natural gas appliances.


Rebate Levels for Program Year 2024

Space Heating

Equipment TypeRequired Minimum EfficiencyEquipment Size
(MBtu/h) or (feet)
Rebate Amount
Hot Air Furnace≥ 95% AFUE≤ 300$5.00/MBtu/h
Hot Water Boiler
≥ 90% AFUE≤ 300$1,000
 ≥ 90% Et301 - 500$1,500
 ≥ 90% Et501 - 1,000$2,500
 ≥ 90% Et1,001 - 1,700$3,500
 ≥ 90% Et> 1,700$4,500
Steam Boiler≥ 82% AFUE≤ 300$2.00/MBtu/h
 ≥ 79% Et301 - 2,500$1.00/MBtu/h
 ≥ 80% Et> 2,500$1.00/MBtu/h
Warm Air Unit Heater≥ 90% AFUE or Et$2.00/MBtu/h
Infrared Heater
Any efficiency$2.50/MBtu/h
Pipe InsulationR-Value ≥ 4 (for existing gas-fired hot water or steams only)$3.00/foot
Duct InsulationR-Value ≥ 6 (for existing uninsulated ductwork only)
Demand Control VentilationN/A$200/sensor
Furnace Tune Up Service*N/A$50
Boiler Tune Up Service*N/A$50


Water Heating Equipment

Equipment TypeRequired Minimum EfficiencyEquipment SizeRebate Amount
Tankless Water Heater0.80 UEF or 0.80 Et$100


Other Equipment and Controls

Equipment TypeRequired Minimum EfficiencyEquipment SizeRebate Amount
Commercial Clothes DryerEnergy Star® Rated$50
Wi-Fi ThermostatN/A$75


*One tune-up service per furnace/boiler per year.

Rebates only for equipment installed between 1/1/24 and 12/31/24.


Application Deadline

Pre-qualified rebate applications must apply within 90 days of signing the application.

Applications for performance-based projects must be submitted either before or within 90 days of contracting the project and prior to any demolition or removal of existing equipment, or installation of new equipment.

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