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NYS Energy Bill Credit

NYS Energy Bill Credit

The New York State budget included $200 Million for bill credits to utility customers in New York State, part of the State’s ongoing efforts to address energy affordability for electric and gas utility customers. These budget funds will provide a one-time credit for electric and gas utility customers.

What do I need to do to get this credit?

No action is required by customers. The NYS Energy Bill Credit is a one-time credit that will be automatically applied to all residential and commercial electric and gas bills.

When will I get this credit?

Customers are expected to receive this one-time credit in the first quarter of 2024.

What will the credit look like on my bill? 

The credit will appear on your bill in the adjustments line along with a note in the messages section: A one-time credit in the amount of $16.03 has been applied to your account in accordance with New York State Energy Bill Credit Program.

NYS Bill Credit 2

NYS Energy Credit Message

Why a one-time credit?

Based on the budget, directives from New York State and input from customer advocacy groups, the Energy Affordability Program Working Group determined that a one-time, per customer credit was the best and fastest way to help the most customers.

Will there be any additional credits?

Customers or case managers looking for additional help paying utility bills should visit Payment Assistance Programs | WNY Residences | National Fuel to learn more about programs and payment agreements. The New York State Public Service Commission, utilities and consumer advocates are working together on other possible programs that that could help low- and moderate-income customers.

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