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Available Training/Qualification Classes

Available Training/Qualification Classes

The National Fuel Training Department offers the following training/qualification classes to approved contractors working for National Fuel. Check out the calendar below for upcoming offerings:

Contractors are required to maintain their qualifications on the job site and present proof of their credentials upon request.

Class Descriptions


Knowledge Verification (Hands-On)

At National Fuel’s discretion for personnel having prior verifiable (documented proof) experience in plastic fusion, connections and installation to demonstrate their butt fusion/electrofusion skills utilizing National Fuel-accepted procedures and demonstrate their ability to install the mechanical fitting National Fuel utilizes. This class will also review National Fuel’s plastic installation-related practices.

Relight/Leak Survey/Locating Requalification

Testing: 1 hour, $100 per person

National Fuel requires all relight, leak survey and locating qualified employees to be requalified every three years. This session will be necessary to maintain your field certifications.

Annual Requalification

Testing: $350 per day

National Fuel requires annual testing to maintain current qualifications. This requalification consists of written and hands-on testing of National Fuel (NFG HYB) tasks. NFG or an approved company evaluator administers the hands-on testing, and written testing is conducted by an NFG-approved proctor service.

Any failed evaluations can be reattempted 48 hours after the initial failure.

Line Locating

Foreman Qualification Course

Training: 1 day, $200 per session

Contact: Paul Roy at (716) 857-7437

Included in this course:

  • Regulator inspection cards
  • Service common order forms
  • Verify tally sheet quantities
  • Change order forms
  • Property restoration summary
  • Time and material forms
  • Welding logs
  • Leak report forms
  • Accident/property damage reports
  • Field transfer documents
  • Public liability accident reports
  • Completion reports
  • Damage repair orders
  • Trenchless installation log
  • Foreman’s job responsibilities
  • One call responsibilities
  • Gantt charts
  • Download of electrofusion equipment
  • Tuesday rule

Contractor Welder

Training: 2 days, no cost

Testing (48 hours after training): 1 day, no cost

Retesting: 2 hours, no cost

Contact: Nate Regdos at 716-827-2007 (New York) or Michael Donohue at 716-827-2008 (New York)

Included in this course:

  • Performance Evaluation: Multiple or Single Welder and/or Welding Operator Qualification to API 1104
  • Destructive testing
  • Perform welds of all required types at:
    • MSW Weld Shop (New York) or field location

NFG-HYB tasks covered include:

  • CT44: Repair inline welds
  • CT54: Welding on a pipeline
  • CT70: Properties of Natural Gas/Abnormal Operating Conditions
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