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Upstream Pipeline Receipt Point Capacity Availability

Upstream Pipeline Receipt Point Capacity Availability

Mandatory Upstream Transmission Capacity (MUTC) Assignment

Updated 04/01/2018

Except where Suppliers have grandfathered upstream capacity, Distribution maintains upstream capacity sufficient to meet customer requirements. Consistent with the Order on Capacity Release programs issued on August 30, 2007, in Case 07-G-0299, Distribution assigns upstream capacity to Suppliers (except as noted above) to meet customer requirements. To satisfy the upstream capacity requirement, MUTC and Intermediate Capacity on National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation (NFGSC) will be released on April 1st in approximately the following proportions:

Capacity Path(s)

Capacity Mix
MUTC - TGP Zn4-Zn4 & NFGSC Intermediate transport47%
MUTC - NFGSC storage & transport20%
Intermediate - NFGSC storage & transport33%*

To stabilize Supplier release quantities, initial releases will be made from TGP capacity paths until exhausted. Once the 34,000 Dth/day threshold is exceeded, subsequent release quantities will be based upon a 34:14 ratio of the TGP:DETI capacity paths. Details concerning Distribution’s Mandatory Upstream Transmission Capacity Assignment program are contained in Distribution’s New York GTOP.

Capacity Release Offers for MUTC will be posted on the appropriate pipeline bulletin boards. Releases are considered non-biddable releases of capacity to marketers participating in state-regulated retail access programs, as defined in section 284.8(h)(1)(ii) of Title 18 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

*Higher Load Factor customers may be allocated less than 33%, consequently altering other percentages proportionately.


NFGSC Primary Receipt Point Capacity for Grandfathered Upstream Transmission Capacity (GUTC) Assignment

Updated 04/01/2018

Due to its status as system operator and a regulated gas corporation providing sales and delivery service, Distribution maintains adequate receipt capacity into its intermediate Enhanced Firm Transportation (EFT) capacity on NFGSC. Suppliers with GUTC must align the primary delivery point(s) on their GUTC capacity to the primary receipt point(s) of the intermediate capacity that is released to them by Distribution on a mandatory basis. Suppliers must satisfy upstream capacity requirements for a five-month period effective November 1 of each year.

In an effort to provide Suppliers with an opportunity to gain access to their requested intermediate capacity receipt points, pursuant to procedures outlined in the NY GTOP, Distribution will endeavor to obtain the receipt point capacity from Supply as desired by the Suppliers. The amount of GUTC deliverability into NFGSC is 69,386 Dth/day. Distribution’s primary NFGSC EFT receipt point capacity for its NY Market is listed in the table below. The Receipt Quantity shown should not be confused with available capacity. Such capacity may already be assigned to other Suppliers or otherwise be in use serving Distribution’s retail customers:

PipelineReceipt PointReceipt Quantity
Empire Pipeline, Inc.Grand Island26,673
Empire Pipeline, Inc.Pendleton39,611
Empire Pipeline, Inc.Wheatfield24,309
Eastern Gas Transmission & Storage, Inc.Ellisburg14,006
Eastern Gas Transmission & Storage, Inc.Various119,336
Tennessee Gas Pipeline CompanyZone 4 Points52,668
Tennessee Gas Pipeline CompanyZone 5 Points75,854
TransCanada Pipelines, Ltd.Niagara19,863
Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corp.Leidy38,024
Texas Eastern Transmission, LPHolbrook997
NFGSC Appalachian ProductionZone 29,753
NFGSC Appalachian ProductionZone 87,879
Deliveries from NFGSC StorageNF Storage389,823
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