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Statement of Storage Gas Deficiency Sales Rate for New York Division

Statement of Storage Gas Deficiency Sales Rate for New York Division

Applicable to Usage Under Rate Schedule SC No. 19 Supplier Transportation, Balancing and Aggregation (STBA)


Statement of Storage Gas Deficiency Sales Rate


Pursuant to Service Classification No. 19 of National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation’s Tariff P.S.C. No. 9, the Storage Gas Deficiency Rate shall be the sum of:

(1) The first 2% of inventory deficiency will be priced at the Market Pricing Tier.

(2) Any remaining inventory deficiency will be priced at the higher of the Deficiency Pricing Tier 3 or the SC 11 Rate.

MonthMarket Pricing Tier - 0-2% Inventory DeficiencyMarket Tier WaivedPricing for Inventory Deficiency > 2%
     SC-11 RateMarket Pricing Tier 3 RateApplicable RateSales Rate SourceApplicable Rate
 $/DthBTU Factor$/McfYes/No$/Mcf$/Mcf$/Mcf $/Dth
23-May$1.7970 1.033$1.8563 No$5.5235 $2.5988 $5.5235 [T]$5.3470
23-Apr#N/A1.032#N/ANo$5.8006 #N/A#N/A#N/A#N/A
23-Mar#N/A1.032#N/ANo$9.8304 #N/A#N/A#N/A#N/A
23-Feb$2.4475 1.033$2.5283 No$10.3854 $3.5396 $10.3854 [T]$10.0537
23-Jan$3.0144 1.033$3.1139 No$11.0140 $4.3595 $11.0140 [T]$10.6621
22-Dec$5.2473 1.031$5.4100 No$11.2054 $7.5740 $11.2054 [T]$10.8685
22-Nov$4.6876 1.030$4.8282 No$9.6539 $6.7595 $9.6539 [T]$9.3727
22-Oct$5.1177 1.031$5.2763 No$8.3267 $7.3868 $8.3267 [T]$8.0763
22-Sep$7.1146 1.030$7.3280 No$13.2846 $10.2592 $13.2846 [T]$12.8977
22-Aug$8.4777 1.031$8.7405 No$12.2849 $12.2367 $12.2849 [T]$11.9155
22-Jul$6.8686 1.032$7.0884 No$10.8941 $9.9238 $10.8941 [T]$10.5563
22-Jun$7.4144 1.034$7.6665 No$13.0822 $10.7331 $13.0822 [T]$12.6520
22-May$7.6991 1.034$7.9609 No$10.2246 $11.1453 $11.1453 [M]$10.7788
22-Apr#N/A1.032#N/ANo$8.0860 #N/A#N/A#N/A#N/A
22-Mar#N/A1.033#N/ANo$7.6247 #N/A#N/A#N/A#N/A
22-Feb$4.6256 1.032$4.7736 No$7.6143 $6.6830 $7.6143 [T]$7.3782
22-Jan$4.2821 1.034$4.4277 No$7.1520 $6.1988 $7.1520 [T]$6.9168
21-Dec$3.4154 1.033$3.5281 No$7.3517 $4.9393 $7.3517 [T]$7.1169


[a] Mcf/Dth coversion of storage transfer volumes and rates to their energy equivalents will take place using the BTU conversion factors applicable to Company City Gate transportation deliveries in the month of storage transfer.

[b] There are no minimum inventory requirements at the end of March or April so there will be no deficiency sales in those months.

[c] The Market Price of Gas is established utilizing “Dominion South Point”, referred to in the SNL Natural Gas Index (“SNL”) as the “Dominion S”.

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