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Electronic Data Interchange

Electronic Data Interchange

EDI Advice, Information Alerts and Schedules

On this page you’ll find information that follows the New York Public Service Commission Opinion 01-03 issued in Case 98-M-0667 regarding the approved policies and data standards for implementing EDI to provide uniformity in business communications between ESCOs and National Fuel.


On July 23, 2001, the New York Public Service Commission issued Opinion 01-03 in Case 98-M-0667, approving policies and data standards for the implementation of electronic data interchange (EDI) in New York. The Commission’s decision, and subsequent decisions, continues the work of a collaborative industry effort that began in New York in 1998. Several other Orders detailing transaction sets and testing procedures have been issued subsequent to Opinion 01-03. Detailed information on EDI standards and protocols in New York is publicly available on the Commission’s EDI website.

Utility Maintained EDI Guide (UMEG)

Distribution’s UMEG supplements New York’s EDI Standards documents providing information specific to Distribution’s EDI implementation including, but not limited to, Supported Transactions, optional EDI features supported by Distribution, EDI Testing, Issue Reporting and a Trading Partner Worksheet/Connectivity Profile.

UMEG Version 0.03 dated 06/20/2022


Distribution makes the NY EDI transactions available as a communication option for Natural Gas Suppliers serving the Monthly Metered Transportation and Small Aggregation Transportation Customer markets in its Pennsylvania service territory.


EDI Contacts

The EDI Contact information for Distribution is as follows:

EDI QuestionsContactPhone NumberEmail
Testing InitiationTSS Support(716) 857-7232TSSsupport@natfuel.com
Business IssuesBilling Help Desk(716) 857-7432TSD-Billing@natfuel.com
General Technical & Processing Issues, Testing, Network OutagesEDI Support Team(516) 739-1001 ext. 25nfg.edisupport@vertexone.net

EDI Notices

EDI Notification—Rate Code Change

Start date: 05/16/2018

National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation (“Company”) has become aware of a defect in which ESCOs/NGSs are submitting 814C requests for rate code changes and receiving erroneous accept responses. In some cases the system is not changing the rate code on the account.

Until further notice when a rate code change request is submitted, the day after the change was to take affect ESCOs/NGSs need to verify via either the Customer Inquiry screen or the J0 file that the rate code was changed. If the rate code was not changed, immediately contact the Transportation Billing Department at TSD-Billing@natfuel.com to have this matter corrected. If the Company is not contacted prior to customer billing, the change will be corrected as of the date the correction is provided, i.e. not backdated.


Monthly Customer Billing Comparisons for ESCOs Offering Price Guarantee Products

Start date: 04/30/2018

Download EDI 503 Pricing History Transaction

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