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Uniform Business Practices

Uniform Business Practices

Order Implementing Chapter 416 of the Laws of 2010

Issued and Effective June 15, 2012

Distribution filed tariff amendments on August 20, 2012, designed to implement the above-referenced version of the New York Public Service Commission’s Uniform Retail Access Business Practices (UBPs). Distribution‘s tariff sheets were accepted by the Commission, subject to further review, and they became effective on August 21, 2012.

Historically, the UBPs were adopted to resolve inconsistencies among the retail access business practices and procedures of the state‘s electric and gas utilities. Provisions of the UBPs were drafted by the Commission’s staff with the input of marketers, utilities and various advocacy groups. Briefly described, the UBPs govern the working relationship between the utility and the marketers (or, in the case of electric utilities, Energy Service Companies, or ESCOs). On Distribution’s system, the UBPs apply to all STBA Suppliers or Non-aggregated transporters that wish to conduct business as a “Direct Customer” under the UBPs should apply for STBA “stand-alone” service. Transactions in the following areas are specifically addressed by the UBPs: marketing guidelines, creditworthiness, customer information (e.g., consumption figures), customer inquiries, utility billing and collection, new service requests, switching requirements, slamming prevention process, metering (electric only), discontinuance of service and dispute resolution.

Additionally, UBP creditworthiness provisions and selected enrollment timelines apply to Aggregators balancing SC-13 customers.

The UBPs are included as an addendum to Distribution’s tariff and appear in the company’s procedures manual. You may also download a copy of the UBPs and the associated Commission orders through the Commission’s UBP web page.

Distribution’s general retail access practices are governed by the UBPs. Specific requirements for procedures not covered by the UBPs (such as nominations procedures) will be noticed in the usual manner.


The “Definitions” section of the UBPs is supplemented by tariff definitions. The term “Marketer” is further defined in the Company’s tariff to be interchangeable with “Supplier,” a like term of identical meaning currently used by the Company. The term “Direct Customer” is further defined to identify the service classification under which such customers are receiving service.

Customer Information

Service Classification No. 19, Supplier Transportation, Balancing and Aggregation (STBA) is modified to set forth the fees to be charged for customer information (see fee schedule below).

Utility Billing and Collection Services and Charges

The Company’s standard-form STBA contract is modified to incorporate the UBP billing and collection guidelines by reference. The current UBPs are incorporated by reference into all existing STBA Agreements.


The UBPs metering guidelines do not modify Distribution’s current practices.

Fee Schedule

The following new fees have been adopted under the UBPs: Special Meter-Reading Fee $20

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