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Alternative Capacity Path

Alternative Capacity Path

National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation (NFGDC)

Effective Date: 4/1/2019

Released Transmission Capacity (RTC) Not Included in SATC Transportation Rates Applicable to Small Aggregation Transportation Supplier Service (“SATS”) Suppliers

As specified on page 131 of its tariff, as an alternative to a pro rata allocation of RTC, NFGDC may designate an alternative capacity path(s) from its available capacity. The capacity release rate for the pipeline capacity path released to the Supplier shall equal the weighted average demand cost of upstream capacity, i.e., capacity upstream of national Fuel Gas Supply Corporation.

NFGDC’s alternative capacity path and quantities are as follows:

Pipeline/Receipt Zone Pipeline/Delivery Zone Quantity (Dth/Day)
TGP/Zone 4 TGP/Zone 4 56,500
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