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New York Regulatory, Tariff and GTOP

New York Regulatory, Tariff and GTOP

Gas Transportation Operational Procedures Manual

Guidelines for the New York Service Territory

In compliance with the Commission order in Cases 97-G-1380, Distribution has filed an updated Gas Transportation Operating Procedures (GTOP) Manual. The Manual will be posted on this web page. Marketers authorized to transact business in Distribution’s service territory are invited to send comments (five copies) to the Public Service Commission at the following address:

Michelle L. Phillips
Public Service Commission
Three Empire State Plaza
Albany, New York 12223-1350

And, send one copy to Dan Czechowicz at or fax to his attention at (716) 857-7479.

Note: Use Adobe Acrobat to view these files.

Rates and General Service Information

Tariffs are documents that list the rates, terms and conditions of National Fuel’s services. They are subject to review and approval by the state’s public service commission.

Monthly summaries of National Fuel Distribution rates in New York are provided here for the purposes of information and convenience only. For all other purposes related to the Company’s rates and services, the tariff shall be the governing instrument.

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