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STBA Upstream Capacity Allocation and Cost Analysis

STBA Upstream Capacity Allocation and Cost Analysis

Transmission and Storage Capacity Allocation

New York STBA Customer Choice Program
Mandatory Upstream Transmission Capacity (MUTC)
MUTC monthly reservation release rates for 12 month period beginning April 2022

Company WACOCMUTC Release Rate1WACOC
variance from
release rate
22-Apr$8.96 $8.96 0.00%
22-May$8.94 $8.96 -0.20%
22-Jun$8.99 $8.96 0.33%
22-Jul$8.99 $8.96 0.33%
22-Aug$8.99 $8.96 0.33%
22-Sep$8.99 $8.96 0.33%
22-Oct$8.99 $8.96 0.33%
22-Nov$8.98 $8.96 0.22%
22-Dec$8.98 $8.96 0.22%
23-Jan$8.98 $8.96 0.22%
23-Feb$8.98 $8.96 0.22%

1A twelve month MUTC release rate is established April 1st of each year at the Company’s April WACOC.
If in any month the actual WACOC should differ from the MUTC release rate by more than 5%, the Company will replace the MUTC release rate with the actual WACOC for the remainder of the 12 month term.

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