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Producer Postings

Information for Producers operating on National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation Transportation Services programs:


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Production Cashout Rate Applicable to Late Meter Charts & Readings

MonthMonth-End Cashout IndexBTU FactorCashout IndexIndex MultiplierProducer Cashout RateCashout Status
23-May$1.7970 1.033$1.8563 65%$1.2070 Suspended
23-Apr$2.0734 1.032$2.1397 65%$1.3910 Suspended
23-Mar$2.5432 1.032$2.6246 65%$1.7060 Suspended
23-Feb$2.4475 1.033$2.5283 65%$1.6430 Suspended
23-Jan$3.0144 1.033$3.1139 65%$2.0240 Suspended
22-Dec$5.2473 1.031$5.4100 65%$3.5170 Suspended
22-Nov$4.6876 1.030$4.8282 65%$3.1380 Suspended
22-Oct$5.1177 1.031$5.2763 65%$3.4300 Suspended
22-Sep$7.1146 1.030$7.3280 65%$4.7630 Suspended
22-Aug$8.4777 1.031$8.7405 65%$5.6810 Suspended
22-Jul$6.8686 1.032$7.0884 65%$4.6070 Suspended
22-Jun$7.4144 1.034$7.6665 65%$4.9830 Suspended
22-May$7.6991 1.034$7.9609 65%$5.1750 Suspended
22-Apr$6.5368 1.032$6.7460 65%$4.3850 Suspended
22-Mar$4.6639 1.033$4.8178 65%$3.1320 Suspended
22-Feb$4.6256 1.032$4.7736 65%$3.1030 Suspended
22-Jan$4.2821 1.034$4.4277 65%$2.8780 Suspended
21-Dec$3.4154 1.033$3.5281 65%$2.2930 Suspended



(A) The Company may suspend the cashout and then process gas associated with late charts or index reading(s) as transportation adjustments in a subsequent month, upon website notification, provided herein.

(B) The Market Price of Gas is established utilizing “Dominion South Point”, referred to in the SNL Natural Gas Index (“SNL”) as the “Dominion S”, plus 100% Load Factor Demand costs & commodity costs on DTI and National Fuel Gas Supply plus associated fuel cost equal to the retention rate times the market price of gas.

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