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Customer Enrollment Requirements

Customer Enrollment Requirements

Notice Regarding NY Customer Consent Form

Evidence of customer consent for enrollment must be maintained by the STBA Supplier and available to Distribution within five calendar days after a request is made. Pursuant to the New York Public Service Commission’s Uniform Business Practices (UBPs), the following items are accepted as evidence of customer consent for enrollment:

  • A customer enrollment form or contract.
  • Audiotapes or third-party verification of verbal consent.
  • Electronic transmittal that can be shown to have originated with the customer.

In addition to language clearly indicating the customer’s agreement to switch, where the STBA Supplier plans to issue a single-retailer bill to the STBA Customer, all enrollment applications (or telemarketing scripts) should include the following text:

I understand that all bills for natural gas service, excluding service calls and repairs traditionally billed by Distribution, will be issued to me by the [STBA Supplier]. I also understand that, if I have any questions about my bill, I should call [STBA Supplier]. If I smell gas or have any safety-related questions, however, I will still call Distribution.

The STBA Supplier must maintain all documentation and audiotapes for a minimum of two years, or the length of the sales agreement, whichever is longer. Thank you for your continued cooperation.

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