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Service Categories for Utility Contractors

Service Categories for Utility Contractors

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Services Provided by Contractors

If your company is interested in providing contracting services to National Fuel, you’ll find a list of categories and more information below.

Utility Contractor Areas of Interest

Plastic Pipeline Construction

This work consists of both new and replacement plastic mainlines and services. Tapping gas mains, cutting off existing mains, live gas tie-ins, customer appliance relights and testing are all part of this work. Numerous projects, varying in size and value, are offered for bid in New York and Pennsylvania each year.

Steel Pipeline Construction

This work consists mostly of replacement work, although some new construction is offered. Steel pipe construction includes pipelines from 6″ to 36″ diameter, including all associated fittings and gas handling required to complete the work. All welders must be certified by National Fuel for this work.

Pipeline-Locating Contractors

Line locating service is bid on a three-year basis for areas throughout our Pennsylvania service territory, as well as some service territories in New York.

Leak Survey Contractors

This work consists of leak survey patrolling from March 15 to September 15 of each year. This work is offered as a three-year contract in both New York and Pennsylvania.

Cast Iron Mobil Survey Contractors

This work consists of patrolling of our cast iron mainline piping system in Buffalo, New York, using vehicle-mounted gas-detection equipment. The work is regularly scheduled between March 1 and June 1 of each year. Additional patrolling may be required in the winter, depending on weather and frost conditions. This is a three-year contract.

Submerged Line Survey Contractors

This work consists of surveying the condition of pipe passing under rivers and streams. Work is required in both New York and Pennsylvania. Leak, corrosion and exposure of piping are examined and detailed reports are required for each crossing.

Construction Inspection Contractors

National Fuel currently performs its own pipeline inspections. However, we are interested in outside inspection contracts as an alternative.

Licensed Professional Surveyors

Engineering Survey is contracted to perform a variety of tasks that assist National Fuel in pipeline construction. This work includes site survey, mapping, construction stakeout and permitting.

Property Restoration Contractors

This work involves the replacement of concrete, blacktop, landscaping and streets damaged during pipeline construction activities. Separate contracts are bid in each of our 21 service center areas in New York and Pennsylvania. Contracts are bid on a three-year basis.

Lawn Maintenance Contractors

This work consists of lawn cutting, fertilization and weed control, and other miscellaneous related work located at service centers, regulator station lots and other company-owned facilities throughout our service territories. Each service center is responsible for procuring and managing this work. The terms may be two or three years, and the current contract dates vary among the service centers.

Snowplowing Contractors

This work consists of snowplowing and/or snow removal at various company-owned facilities. As in other maintenance contracts, the individual service centers are responsible for administering these contracts in our Distribution and Supply Divisions. Terms of the contract vary among the service areas.

Right-of-Way Clearing and Maintenance

This work may consist of clearing and grubbing, and/or mowing or brush hog maintenance of our pipeline rights-of-way throughout our New York and Pennsylvania territories. Separate bids are sometimes created for specific projects. There are also multi-year contracts for regular annual maintenance in various service areas for both distribution and transmission pipelines.

Pipeline Painting Contractors

Contractors are required to perform sandblasting and painting work on above-ground piping systems at various locations in our service territories.

Aircraft Pipeline Patrol Service

Services are required for contractor-piloted helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft to conduct aerial pipeline surveys. A National Fuel inspector accompanies the pilot and performs aerial inspections of pipelines for such purposes as encroachment of right-of-way, visual indicators of leakage and clearing and grubbing issues.

Pipeline Corrosion Services

Contractors are used to furnish and install various components for cathodic protection of steel pipelines.

Pipeline Welders

Contract pipeline welders are hired to provide all labor and equipment required to perform certified welding services on steel pipelines. Welders must meet the testing and qualification standards of National Fuel and the steel pipeline industry.

Directional Drilling Contractors

Contractors that provide trenchless technology in the installation of our pipelines are sometimes required on a job-by-job basis as well as a multi-year blanket contract.

Environmental Engineering

This work consists of preparation of various permits for submission to federal, state (NY and PA) and local agencies for stream, wetland and water body encroachments, wetlands delineation, hydrostatic test water discharges and earth disturbance. Also included are archeological and historical literature searches, field surveys and report preparation, design of erosion and sedimentation control plans, threatened and endangered species field surveys and other biological and ecological reviews. Consultants also may be required to prepare environmental assessments and environmental impact statements for submission to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the New York Public Service Commission, and other state and federal agencies. This work is typically bid on a project-by-project basis from a list of prequalified contractors.

Electrical Construction

This work consists of both new and replacement electrical systems and services. Work varies from minor electrical repairs, service work and testing, to specialized work including hazardous area, generator and UPS maintenance and high-voltage maintenance. Numerous projects, varying in size and value, are offered for bid in New York and Pennsylvania each year.


If you have a question or would like to find out more about our contractor services program, please complete our contractors’ questionnaire.

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