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Policy Statement Regarding Transportation Service

Policy Statement Regarding Transportation Service

National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation (“NFGDC,” “the Company”) makes every effort to ensure that previous month information is carried forward for Market Pool, Production Pool and Aggregation Group setup in NFGDC’s Transportation Scheduling System (“TSS”). It is, however, the ultimate responsibility of the Operator of each of the Pools and Groups to ensure that the membership and related information of each Pool and Group is correct in TSS before the start of each Calendar Month.

Further, it is the ultimate responsibility of each Pool or Group Operator to ensure that all paperwork, supporting documentation or other written notification, or processes, as required in NFGDC’s Tariff, TSS Operators’ Manuals, Web site, Operating Procedures Manual, Service Agreements or binding contracts are submitted in a timely manner as prescribed in these respective documents.

Tariff changes and changes to rules and regulations in the GTOP are subject to the prescribed notice periods. The Company will endeavor to provide 30 days notice of changes to other procedures. However, in extreme circumstances, changes and exceptions to such other procedures may be implemented on shorter notice.

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