User Roles Delegation Form

User Roles Delegation Form

Please fill out the form below and then click print to generate a printable PDF of your responses, and mail to the following address: National Fuel Gas, Transportation Services 6363 Main Street, Williamsville NY 14221 or email to



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NOTE: A Business Party must choose between 'Select All' or 'Specify Individual' pool/groups.

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(MPO) MARKET POOL OPERATOR: Determines Market Pool(s) members each month

(GS) GAS SCHEDULER: Makes daily nominations, specifies allocations

(CGO) SC-16 GROUP OPERATOR (NY only): Handles processing of a NY SC-16 Group

(T) TRADER: Trades or cures imbalances of an aggregation Group

(PPO) PRODUCTION POOL OPERATOR: Has responsibility for setup, nominations, and confirmation of Local Production pools each month

(EA) EXTERNAL ADMINISTRATOR: Has responsibility for delegations and for Business Party and Contact maintenance

*At least one External User from each Business Party must have this Role

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