Trading Partner Worksheet/Connectivity Profile form

Trading Partner Worksheet/Connectivity Profile form

Please fill out the form below and then click print to generate a printable PDF of your responses, and mail to the following address: National Fuel Gas, Transportation Services 6363 Main Street, Williamsville NY 14221 or email to


National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation Trading Partner Worksheet/Connectivity Profile

EDI/GISB Worksheet

All information must be complete for Marketer/Suppliers doing business with National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation (“NFGDC”).

Marketer/Supplier Information

Utility Contact Information

Utility Test Coordinator

Roy McMaster

Phone: (516) 874-8025

Fax: (516) 739-4724

Utility Technical Contact

Tech Support

Phone: (516) 874-8020

Fax: (516) 739-4724

Marketer/Supplier Contact Information

Marketer/Supplier Business Contact

EDI Technical Contact Information

Vendor or in-house

Billing Model(s) to be Tested

Indicate "Yes" or "No"

At least one billing model must be selected.

Billing Model *New York *Pennsylvania
Utility Rate Ready (Utility Consolidated Billing)
Single Retailer (ESCO Consolidated Billing) N.A.
NFGDC Bills for Delivery & ESCO Bills for Commodity (Dual Billing)

ISA/GS/DUNS Information

ISA/GS/DUNS Information NFGDC Test Environment NFGDC Prod Environment
Utility ISA Qualifier 01 01
Utility ISA Number 006976666 006976666
Utility GS Information 006976666 006976666
Utility DUNS +4 (N1*8S) 006976666 006976666
Marketer/Supplier ISA Qualifier
Marketer/Supplier ISA Number
Marketer/Supplier GS Information
Marketer/Supplier DUNS +4 (N1*8S)

Delimiter Information

Type of Delimeter NFGDC Marketer/Supplier
Element Delimiter ^
Sub-element Delimiter |
Segment Terminator ~

*All information must be complete except production HTTP Login ID and HTTP Login Password.

GISB Information Test Environment Production Environment
Utility URL: Port/CGI (Port 80) (Port 80)
IP Address or IP Range - 150 - 150
Utility PGP User ID Intelsys Intelsys
Utility HTTP Login ID sent by email sent by email
Utility HTTP Login Password sent by email sent by email
Utility GISB Common Code (To/From) ID 006976666 006976666
Marketer/Supplier URL: Port/CGI*


IP Address or IP Range*


Marketer/Supplier PGP User ID*


Marketer/Supplier HTTP Login ID
Marketer/Supplier HTTP Login Password
Marketer/Supplier GISB Common Code (To/From) ID*


PGP Key Copy Test Environment Production Environment
EC Infosystems Public Key
Copy your Public Key and Digital Signature here as a file attachment
print completed form
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