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Meter Read

Meter Read

F3 Monthly CME Meter Readings

93 Days

This file contains calendar month-end estimates of meter readings. It is used to support Calendar Month-End transportation bills sent out on a monthly basis. (see file H0, “Transportation Charges”).

Marketer id7 ch
Aggregation group id9 ch
Process Date8 ch (yyyymmdd)
Ratepayer billing id (RBA)9 ch
Meter Number8 ch
Unit of Measurement Code3 ch
Dials Count1 ch
Consumption Amount (TOTAL)10 ch (-9)
Beginning Meter Reading9 ch
Beginning Meter Read Date8 ch (yyyymmdd)
Ending Meter Reading9 ch
Ending Meter Read Date8 ch (yyyymmdd)
Meter Base Load6 ch (4.1)
Meter Degree Day Factor6 ch (2.3)
Metered Consumption Amount10 ch (-9)
Unmetered Consumption Amount11 ch (-10)

G1 Mercury device daily meter read report

60 Days

Report of daily metered customer consumption by individual day and cumulative consumption month-to-date. Includes hourly readings, hourly consumption and cumulative hourly consumption for the current day. Graphs and download file links are available for this data.

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