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Customer Billing

Customer Billing

A1 Daily Bill Amount Audit

93 Days

This file will be used to communicate the total amount National Fuel Gas would have billed a customer if they were not on aggregation. The amount is based on a service class cross-reference and includes all gas costs, transportation costs, taxes, and any other charges that would have applied. A record will be created on this file anytime a meter read is provided that can be used to bill an end use customer.

File Layout – Daily Bill Amount Audit (SATS/DSS – File A1)

This file reflects what your customer would be charged if they were still a retail sales service customer with National Fuel.


Marketer id7 ch
Aggregation group id9 ch
Ratepayer billing id (RBA)7 ch
Bill to date8 ch (yyyymmdd)
Consumption9 ch
Bill period days3 ch
Bill amount12 ch

B2 Monthly Choice Aged Receivables Report

186 Days

This report shows the receivable age for dollar amounts billed on behalf of a Marketer when National Fuel is providing the Choice billing service for STBA aggregation.

C3 Monthly Billing Comparison File

93 Days

This file compares the dollar amount a customer is billed while with a Marketer to what the same customer would have paid if they were still a customer of National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation for gas & transportation service. This file is provided for all Marketer billing options but the Choice Amount, Difference and Percent Difference are valid only when National Fuel is performing the billing service for a Marketer for the months the customer is served by the Marketer.

Marketer Id7 ch
Aggregation Group ID9 ch
Ratepayer Billing ID (RBA)9 ch
Ratepayer Name35 ch
Premises Address33 ch
Bill To Date8 ch (24 occurrences)
Usage9 ch (24 occurrences)
Bundled Amount12 ch (9.2) (24 occurrences)
Choice Amount12 ch (9.2) (24 occurrences)
Difference12 ch (-8.2) (24 occurrences)
Percent Difference6 ch (-3.1) (24 occurrences)

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