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Daily Capacity Desk

Daily Capacity Desk

News & Capacity Update

Please check this page daily for interpretations of tables and notices posted elsewhere on our site.

Welcome to Empire Pipeline’s Daily Capacity Narrative.

We are dedicated to responding to your needs while keeping costs down. Empire has the flexibility to be market sensitive in its contracts for firm service and is willing to consider discounts for all other transportation services.

Questions related to the content of this Narrative can be directed to Benjamin Touma at (716) 857-6954.

Available Capacity is subject to change with each new nomination cycle and changes in weather or unexpected operational changes. For up-to-the-minute capacity information, please contact our T&E Department (phone: (716) 857-6960, email: NFGSCscheduling@natfuel.com).

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Empire Pipeline, Inc.

Daily Capacity Desk:

Interruptible Opportunities:

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Primary Transportation & Storage:

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Notice Regarding Empire Fuel Retention Rates:

The new Empire Existing Shipper Fuel Retention, Empire North Compressor Fuel Retention, and Other Gas for Transporter’s Use (OGFTU) rates will be effective April 1, 2023 will be as follows:

  • Existing Shipper Fuel Retention will be 0.16%
  • Empire North Fuel Retention will be 1.43%
  • Other Gas For Transporter’s Use will be 0.20%.
Please call Empire Pipeline, Inc. Interstate Marketing if there are any questions.

Section 1: Current Interruptible Rates and Monthly Fuel Rate

Please refer to our IT Rates Postings page for information on our current rates, which are posted on the 25th of each month for business the following month. Please note that these posted rates are subject to change during the flow month due to market conditions. If you are interested in discussing a rate that is different from that which is posted on our website for IT service, please fill out the Interruptible Service Discount Request Form below and email it to us at Marketing@NatFuel.com.

Please click here to access Empire’s fuel rates.

Interruptible Service Discount Request Form

Section 2: Operationally Available Capacity

Operationally Available Capacity is subject to change with each new nomination cycle and changes in weather or unexpected operational changes. Please refer to today’s Operationally Available Capacity Table for available capacity at specific points.

Section 3: Firm Capacity Offerings & Open Seasons

Open Seasons and/or Capacity Offerings currently posted or anticipated are listed in the table below. You may also reference our Open Seasons Index page to view the details of current and historical Open Seasons.

CLOSED323/27/2024 to 3/28/2024Short-Term Firm Transportation (“FT”) Capacity from Southern System Receipt Points to Northern System Delivery Points3/28/2024: Bid(s) are being evaluated.
CLOSED312/27/2024 to 2/28/2024Short-Term Firm Transportation (“FT”) Capacity from Southern System Receipt Points to Northern System Delivery Points2/28/2024: No bids were received. Capacity remains available on a post Open Season basis, please contact your Marketing Representative for details.
CLOSED302/27/2024 to 3/6/2024Annual Firm Transportation (“FT”) Capacity from Southern System Receipt Points to Millennium – Corning and TGP – Hopewell.3/6/2024: All capacity has been awarded.
CLOSED - REVISED292/6/2024 to 2/14/2024Contractual primary receipt and delivery point changes for shippers currently holding eligible transportation capacity under its Firm Transportation (“FT” and “FT-EN”) and/or Firm Transportation No-Notice (“FTNN”) rate schedules. MPCL – Corning receipts and various NFGSC delivery points are being made available through this point change Open Season2/14/2024: All capacity has been awarded.

Empire has long-term capacity available for various paths. At certain times, this capacity may not be available due to short-term sales, pending sales or maintenance. Please refer to our Unsubscribed Capacity page or call Benjamin Touma at (716) 857-6954 for information on firm capacity that remains available.

Shipper Opportunities : To either solicit interest in buying capacity from another shipper, inform regular visitors of our website that you have idle capacity you are willing to sell, or to simply post a non-capacity related notice, we welcome you to use the Shipper Opportunities section on our Informational Postings page. If you would like to place an opportunity on our website, please email the exact language that you would like posted to toumab@Natfuel.com.

Section 4: System Operations & Maintenance

Click here to view all Critical Notice Postings.2

CRITICAL NOTICE EMAIL UPDATES – If you would like to automatically receive an email as critical notices are posted to the Informational Postings area of our website, please email toumab@Natfuel.com from the address wishing to be added to this service, with “Critical Notice” as the subject.

Section 5: Email Subscriptions

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