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About National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation

About National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation

National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation

National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation (National Fuel) is headquartered in Williamsville, NY, and is one of two FERC-regulated subsidiaries of National Fuel Gas Company that provides interstate natural gas transportation and storage services.

National Fuel Gas Supply Corp. provides interstate natural gas transmission and storage services for affiliated and non-affiliated companies through an integrated gas pipeline system that encompasses over 1,600 miles of transmission pipeline from southwestern Pennsylvania to the New York–Canada border at the Niagara River.

We remain positioned to play a key role in the ongoing build-out of necessary energy infrastructure in Appalachia, as our extensive pipeline system and storage facilities are geographically situated to provide valuable connectivity to a number of major interstate pipelines and producers in the Northeast, Midwest and Eastern Canada.

National Fuel’s highest priority has been, and always will be, the safety of our customers, employees and the public in the communities where we operate. Building on a strong track record of pipeline integrity management and infrastructure renewal, we invest tens of millions annually for the safety and maintenance of pipelines and portions of our interstate pipeline system.

Expanding the interstate pipeline system allows low-priced and abundant natural gas to reach high-demand regions and new consumers.

We’ve also leveraged the construction of our expansion projects as an opportunity to also modernize portions of our pipeline network while limiting environmental impact.

FERC Certificate Proceeding Projects in Process

Existing Shippers

Access invoices, important information and forms by logging into the Supply Business System (SBS), National Fuel’s interactive website.

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New Shippers

To partner with National Fuel, contact our Interstate Marketing Department to discuss your needs with a knowledgeable, service-oriented gas professional.

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Marketing Representative

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Marketing Representative

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