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FERC Filings

FERC Filings

*National Fuel anticipates filing a 7(b) and (c) application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) late Summer 2024.

Once filed, in order to access National Fuel’s Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) filings, please visit FERC’s website​ and complete the following steps:

  1. Click eLibrary on the right side of the page under “Quick Links.”
  2. “General Search” opens.
  3. Switch the “date range” to “all” and type in “[docket number]” in the box that asks for the docket number (exclude sub-docket numbers).
  4. Click submit.

Once filed, a copy of the FERC application for the Tioga Pathway Project will be available at the following public libraries:

Tioga County

Westfield Public Library
147 Maple St
Westfield PA, 16950
814-367-5411 (Rebecca Nagy)

Knoxville Public Library
112 E. Main St
Knoxville PA, 16928
814-326-4448 (Erin Cook)

Elkland Area Community Library
110 parkway Ave
Elkland PA 16920
814-258-7576 (Robin Vandusen)

Potter County

Willis I Lewis Memorial Library
401 North Main St
Ulysses PA, 16948
814-848-7226 (Sheery Grace)

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