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About Us

About Us

National Fuel utilizes natural gas pipeline and storage facilities in Pennsylvania and New York to transport and store natural gas for customers in all segments of the natural gas industry.

More than a Century’s Worth of Experience

With more than 100 years’ experience building, operating and maintaining natural gas facilities, we are committed to safely constructing pipeline systems with minimal environmental and community impacts. National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation (Supply) and Empire Pipeline, Inc. (Empire) own and operate nearly 2,800 miles of interstate natural gas pipelines and more than 130 compressor units at numerous stations in New York and Pennsylvania.

In 1916, National Fuel developed the first underground natural gas storage facility in the U.S. in a depleted production field in Western New York. Today, National Fuel operates 29 underground natural gas storage fields and more than 1,100 storage wells. The underground fields are depleted producing reservoirs, which means they are formations that have already been tapped of recoverable natural gas, leaving an underground formation capable of storing natural gas. On the coldest days, up to 70 percent of natural gas consumed by utility customers comes from storage. These storage services allow National Fuel to keep the gas flowing to meet utility customer demand throughout the winter heating season.

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