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People and Community

People and Community

Our Commitment Runs Deep

For more than a century, National Fuel has been the hometown energy team—providing a safe, reliable and affordable source of energy, and contributing to the economic health of the communities where we live and work. Our relationships with our customers, employees and the local communities are central to our mission and ongoing success as a company.


Our Commitment to our Customers

We provide natural gas utility services to more than 747,000 customers through more than 22,300 miles of pipelines in Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania. Every day, the families and business owners of our region rely on us to make sure their homes and offices stay warm throughout the winter, provide the energy necessary for hot water and cooking, and to run the businesses that fuel our local economy. Our goal is to continually deliver the quality service that our customers expect and deserve.

Customer Service

National Fuel operates primary call centers in the heart of our service territories in Buffalo, N.Y., and Erie, Pa. Our customer service calls:

  • are promptly and courteously answered by a National Fuel employee
  • do not use automated systems or offshore call centers
  • are located in the caller’s service territory
  • have ranked among the best for utilities in both New York and Pennsylvania.

As a result of our customer-driven approach, we have achieved high levels of customer satisfaction and a remarkably low customer complaint rate:

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Customer complaint rate is among the lowest in the states where we operate.

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In fiscal 2021, we achieved a 94% customer satisfaction rate in New York and a 93% rate in Pennsylvania (residential).

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In a 2015 J.D. Power and Associates survey, National Fuel ranked third in overall customer satisfaction among large natural gas utilities in the eastern United States.

Service Affordability

National Fuel has long been very successful in keeping utility services affordable for our customers. Our utility customers have seen the direct benefit of regional shale natural gas development in the form of lower energy costs. This access delivers significant benefits to the regional economy.

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Average Residential Natural Gas Bill Decrease

Since winter 2008–2009 the average New York residential customer bill has decreased by 35% and the average Pennsylvania residential customer bill has decreased by 38%.

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Lowest Residential Gas Delivery Rates

A U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) analysis found that in 2021, the Company had the lowest residential gas delivery rates in New York and Pennsylvania. Additionally, the Company ranked #1 and #3, respectively, in the entire northeastern United States.

Assistance Programs

We strive to help each of our customers afford service, with programs such as:

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We are an industry leader in providing outreach and support to our low-income customers to help them secure federal LIHEAP funding to pay their winter heating bills. Since the winter of 2009-2010, our National Fuel customers have received more than $500 million in assistance. In response to the pandemic, we have continued to work closely with state agencies to connect customers that have been negatively impacted by COVID-19 with additional LIHEAP and other utility payment assistance that has been made available.


Low-Income Customer Affordability Programs

We also provide robust programs for its low-income customers, offering monthly bill discounts, reduced rates and debt forgiveness opportunities.

Income-Based Programs
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Neighbor for Neighbor Heat Fund

This fund was established by National Fuel in 1983 and has offered grants to more than 19,000 Western New Yorkers, totaling more than $5 million. The program is funded by contributions from National Fuel Gas Company, our customers, employees and other private entities.

Neighbor for Neighbor

Our Commitment to our Employees and Retirees

The ongoing success of National Fuel and our subsidiaries is the direct result of our employees’ and, before them, our retirees’ hard work and dedication. As one of the largest publicly owned companies based in Western New York, National Fuel employs more than 2,100 people across our Western New York, Northwestern Pennsylvania, California and Houston locations. We pride ourselves on offering a workplace that:

  • Is safe, inclusive and productive
  • Incentivizes and rewards performance and innovation
  • Provides opportunities for career development and personal growth
  • Never compromises our integrity and commitment to our guiding principles

National Fuel is also committed to hiring and developing qualified individuals who can enhance and contribute to the diversity of our workforce. As we plan for any future human resource needs, National Fuel has and continues to target a number of diversity-focused groups in our communities for employment opportunities across the organization.

Key initiatives aimed at achieving these employment goals can be found in our human resources section.

National Fuel also has more than 2,210 retired employees located throughout the country. Over the years, we have committed a significant amount of resources and provided benefits so that all of our employees have the opportunity to enjoy a healthy and financially secure retirement. We also have a number of outreach programs and initiatives to stay engaged with our retired employees. Annually, we hold retiree luncheons to provide an update about our activities and a venue for them to connect with our leadership team.

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Over 2,100 full-time employees across its Western New York, northwestern Pennsylvania and Houston, Texas locations.

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48.5% union employees vs. 51.5% non-union employees

2,210 retired employees located throughout the country

Our Commitment to the Communities We Serve

Going back to the first natural gas well drilled in Dunkirk, N.Y., National Fuel and our predecessor companies have deep roots in both the natural gas industry and in the regions where we operate. Today, National Fuel’s investments and operations continue to contribute significantly to the economic health and vitality of our local communities.

  • Investing in critical energy infrastructure — Over the last 10 years, we have put more than $6 billion in energy development, investing in real, long-lived assets that support good-paying jobs and provide a significant tax base for local schools and municipalities.
  • Large local employer — We employ more than 2,100 people, paying nearly $270 million in annual compensation and benefits.
  • Provider of local tax revenues — Over the past five years, we have paid $301 million in state and local property taxes, providing revenues that support school districts and the social services that many in our communities have come to rely on. Additionally, Seneca has paid $47 million over the last five years in Pennsylvania impact fees which support the maintenance and repair of local infrastructure and investment in new community facilities.
  • Supporter of local vendors and contractors — We support the employment of thousands more in our local communities by using the products and services of local vendors, contractors and labor. Over the last five years, we have paid $529 million and $214 million to local vendors and contractors in New York and Pennsylvania, respectively.
  • Fair landowner compensation — We provide fair and reasonable compensation to local landowners for acreage leases, mineral rights and pipeline rights of way and easements. Over the last five years, Seneca has paid local Pennsylvania landowners more than $194 million in royalties on natural gas production.
  • Charitable giving — Each year, hundreds of National Fuel employees donate thousands of dollars to local and national charitable organizations. The National Fuel Foundation matches dollar for dollar, up to $750 per employee, doubling the impact of each employee’s contribution. Since 2005, our employees and the foundation have given more than $22 million to charitable organizations.
  • Local shareholder base — National Fuel has a large number of locally based retail shareholders, many of whom are current employees and retirees. We have one of the longest dividend track records among U.S. public companies, having paid a dividend to shareholders for 118 consecutive years and increased the dividend for 50 consecutive years. Many of our retail shareholders rely on our dividend for retirement income, and some choose to reinvest their dividend in National Fuel stock, providing further support for future investments and growth.
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Community Economic Impact in FY2020

Capital investments: $719 million

Wages and pensions: $268 million

Local vendor payments: $197 million

Taxes and impact fees: $71 million

Drilling royalties: $43 million

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