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The Way We Work

The Way We Work

The Natural Gas Value Chain

National Fuel is committed to the safe and environmentally responsible production, transportation and distribution of natural gas in New York and Pennsylvania. As a locally based company with employees who live in the communities where we operate, we are uniquely positioned to deliver on our commitment. Since 2010, National Fuel has invested more than $2 billion in gathering and pipeline system expansion and modernization projects, driving economic growth in our local communities and improving our environment.



Exploration and Production

We explore for, develop and produce natural gas in the Appalachian Region, including the Marcellus and Utica Shales.

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Planning and Permitting

We start with a thorough environmental, human health and safety review before seeking approval from multiple federal, state and local government agencies.

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Preparing for Development

Next, we design and prepare our drilling areas in a way that minimizes our surface footprint and impact on surrounding habitats, while ensuring our ability to efficiently and safely tap the natural gas reserves below.

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Drilling for Natural Gas in a Safe Way

We drill and complete our wells using proven technologies, engineering techniques and materials that prioritize the protection of water and air resources and the safety of our employees and contractors.

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Restoration and Completion

After all wells are drilled and placed into production, we shrink our operational footprint, restore native vegetation and take steps to enhance surrounding habitats.

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5 Acres

Size of surface footprint needed to develop 1,000 acres of underground shale

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Air Emissions

We avoid the venting or flaring of gas during production to minimize methane emissions

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The average number of homes the Marcellus pad can provide both heat and electricity for in one year

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2 Years

Average timeframe to plan, apply and receive all necessary permits


Gathering, Pipeline and Storage

We collect, store and transport natural gas on our gathering and interstate pipeline networks—building and maintaining the infrastructure that connects utilities, power plants and industrial consumers across the Northeast region to the abundant, locally produced supplies.

Planning the Pipeline Network

Our project teams select pipeline routes that strive to minimize land disturbance and impact to sensitive habitats and local communities. We work with landowners and numerous government agencies to obtain all necessary easements and required permits, and agree on a construction plan.

Building the Pipeline Network

Every pipeline and facility is designed and constructed to meet or exceed strict standards and regulatory requirements. We deploy state-of-the-art technologies that minimize air and noise emissions and protect the health and safety of our communities and the environment.

Ensuring Safety Along the Way

We regularly inspect and monitor our pipeline network for leaks and integrity issues. We continuously invest in the modernization of our systems, replacing older sections of our pipeline network and upgrading our compressor facilities with new technologies and components.

Restoring Land to the Landowner

Once our work is complete, we work quickly to restore and enhance habitats and vegetation along the pipeline route. We aim to leave every site close to the way we found it or better.

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2,800 Miles

Length of transmission and gathering pipelines owned by National Fuel

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$507 Million

National Fuel’s investment in system modernization between 2014 and 2020

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The number of underground storage fields owned and operated by National Fuel

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2.32 Billion Cubic Feet Per Day

Expanded interstate pipeline capacity since 2011, transporting enough gas to supply 5 million average homes in the Northeast each year



We deliver clean-burning, affordable natural gas directly to more than 754,000 customers in Western New York and northwestern Pennsylvania. National Fuel has been providing safe, reliable natural gas utility services to these communities since 1902.

Safety is Job One

The safety of our customers, employees and local communities is our top priority. We continuously invest in our systems to ensure safety and reliability by replacing older pipes to reduce the potential for leaks. Doing this has also lowered our greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally,  the Company has implemented numerous safety programs and management practices to foster a safety culture embraced throughout the entire organization.

Providing Affordable, Reliable Energy

Our utility customers continue to benefit directly from the shale development in the Appalachian region, which has improved the availability and affordability of natural gas supplies. The Utility also has been effective at managing its utility systems efficiently and controlling costs, which has limited the occurrence of delivery rate increases. Since 2009, the average retail residential customer in New York and Pennsylvania has seen a decrease of $590 and $611, respectively, on their annual natural gas bills. These savings help to reduce the economic burden of energy on our customers and contribute to the local economies.

Providing Excellent Customer Service

Our goal is to deliver quality service that our customers expect and deserve. A National Fuel employee promptly answers our customer service calls physically located in the Utility’s service territory – not an automated voice or an offshore call center. National Fuel’s  telephone response rates have ranked among the best for utilities in both New York and Pennsylvania. As a result of this customer driven approach, we have achieved high levels of utility customer satisfaction and a remarkably low customer complaint rate that is amongst the lowest in the states in which we operate. In fiscal year 2021, our Downstream Segment achieved a 94% residential customer satisfaction rate in New York and a 93% rate in Pennsylvania.

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High Customer Satisfaction

94% customer satisfaction rating in New York and a 93% rating in Pennsylvania

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22,300 Miles

Length of utility system pipelines in New York and Pennsylvania

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Lowest Residential Rates

In New York and Pennsylvania

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