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Encroachment Application

Encroachment Application

    National Fuel Gas Application for Encroachment

    Please complete the following application and return with the information as indicated. This information will assist National Fuel Gas Company, and its affiliates or subsidiaries, (“National Fuel”) in determining if the proposed encroachment will be allowed in the vicinity of National Fuel’s facilities. If allowable, an Encroachment Agreement between National Fuel and the Applicant may be required. As part of the Encroachment Agreement requirements, National Fuel must be named as an additional insured on the Applicant’s Commercial General Liability and Commercial Umbrella Liability Insurance, Business Automobile Liability and Commercial Umbrella Liability Insurance, and Workers’ Compensation and Employer’s Liability Insurance with the appropriate limits as specified in the Encroachment Agreement. Prior to the execution of the Encroachment Agreement, you must provide proof of insurance acceptable to National Fuel and you may be required to make a payment to cover administrative expenses.

    No work on National Fuel’s right of way may proceed until Applicant is in receipt of a fully executed Encroachment Agreement from National Fuel’s Land Department. No verbal approvals are granted or implied.

    (Exact name to be shown on Encroachment Agreement)

    Applicant is:



    (If different than Applicant's address)

    Location of Encroachment


    (Name / Number)

    If encroachment is to be located within confines of Dedicated Highway an encroachment agreement may not be required.

    GPS coordinates of crossing:

    Type of Encroachment

    Is this a revision to existing facilities?*



    Method of pipe/conduit installation:

    Please send completed application to:

    In New York:

    National Fuel Gas

    Attn: Land Department

    6363 Main Street

    Williamsville, NY 14221

    Phone: (716) 857-7275

    Email: hoenesm@natfuel.com

    In Pennsylvania:

    National Fuel Gas

    Attn: Land Department

    1100 State Street

    Erie, PA 16501

    Phone: (814) 871-8694

    Email: robisonm@natfuel.com

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