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Highland Field Services, LLC (HFS), a subsidiary of Seneca Resources Company, LLC, was established in 2015 to address the water management needs for Seneca Resources and other oil and gas operators in the Appalachian basin.

HFS currently operates five facilities in Pennsylvania—our water treatment plant in Kane and the Clermont Storage Facility (CSF) in Norwich, both in McKean County. The facilities are located near the heart of our Seneca Resources’ operations with quick access to major state and U.S. highways and have the capability to handle any fluid wastes from both the Marcellus and Utica shales, as well as conventional gas and oil fields.

Our HFS facility utilizes a zero liquid discharge process to manage, store and transport oil and gas liquid waste for reuse during drilling and hydraulic fracturing. This procedure reduces the impact on natural water resources by minimizing the need for freshwater.

HFS operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week through secured access to meet the variable schedule of its customers. Our facility is staffed at all times to provide assistance when needed. Three two-million-gallon, above-ground storage tanks are located at the facility and are monitored onsite as well as remotely via an automated system. Six covered bays are available for loading and unloading of water.

HFS has quickly become one of the industry’s leaders in fluid management in the Appalachian basin. Through HFS we consistently manage upwards of 35,000 barrels (bbl) of fluid per day through beneficial reuse facilities that are then used primarily in completion operations. In addition to reusable fluids for shale operations, HFS is exploring ways to produce marketable byproducts with commercial value from the various minerals naturally occurring in brine water. Strong relationships with regional solid waste disposal facilities help to handle residual wastes that can result from these processing and mineral recovery activities.

Responsible fluid disposal options are necessary to maintain shale operations. HFS operates wells in Pennsylvania and Ohio for underground injection of produced brines as another means of comprehensively and responsibly managing the fluid needs of the industry. Together, HFS and Seneca Resources have invested more than $90 million in this and other beneficial reuse infrastructure, including a pipeline delivery network that helps reduce truck traffic on local roadways and enables HFS to transport beneficial reuse waters in an environmentally safe and economical manner.

HFS will continue to create innovative and cost-effective technologies to improve the operational and economic needs of the energy sector associated with water management. Through recycling and proven water management solutions, HFS is creating a more sustainable management plan that supports local economies as well as protects the environment. By partnering with other exploration and production companies to share water infrastructure and fresh and produced fluids in our operations is another great example of Seneca’s efforts to minimize environmental impacts and costs.

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