3 Day Capacity Outlook

3 Day Capacity Outlook

TSP Name: National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation – 3-day Capacity Outlook

TSP: 007912959

Excess Withdrawal Pointsestimatedestimatedestimated
TCPL Niagara000
Empire Pendleton000
TGP E. Aurora000
TGP Hamburg (1)000
TGP Nashville (1)000
TGP Colden000
TGP Roselake02000020000
Millennium Independence02000020000
Empire Tuscarora000
DTI Ellisburg 41202 (1)02000020000
DTI Ellisburg Storage 41201000
Texas Eastern Leidy (3)000
Transco Leidy (3)02000020000
Transco Wharton (3)000
TGP Hebron000
TGP Lamont000
TGP Mercer000
Columbia Ellwood000
Texas Eastern Holbrook000
NFGDC (5)000
Excess Injection Pointsestimatedestimatedestimated
TCPL Niagara100001000010000
Empire Pendleton100001000010000
Empire Tuscarora000
TGP E. Aurora100001000010000
TGP Hamburg100001000010000
TGP Nashville100001000010000
TGP Colden100001000010000
TGP Roselake300003000030000
TGP Ellisburg Storage000
Millennium Independence000
DTI Ellisburg 41202000
DTI Ellisburg Storage 41201000
DTI Porterville (RQ points) 20900000
Texas Eastern Leidy (4)000
Transco Leidy300003000030000
Transco Wharton (4)000
TGP Hebron000
TGP Lamont000
TGP Mercer000
Columbia Ellwood000
Texas Eastern Holbrook000

*Volumes are incremental to current day flows

  1. Not to exceed receipt nominations at these points
  2. Not to exceed 15,000 dth
  3. Not to exceed Point Capacity or Total YM53 capacity
  4. Not to exceed delivery nominations at this point
  5. As confirmed by NFGDC (these withdrawals are not included in the MAX LIMIT)
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